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Professional Telephony IVR

What is the IVR task?

Appropriate information, and automated phone line for callers and provide various services, including access databases and provide the necessary information to the caller, is the IVR functions .

Dialogic Card IVR Hardware

IVR career mode as a Tree is defined in which all accountability procedures have been developed. The trees also respond by displaying the appropriate path, the user's ability to change and develop their own scenarios will respond .

Tree View IVR Structure

Automatic operation or a domestic call:

Organizations looking to equip most of the internal lines and PBX telephone systems, the software is able to explore a rational connection to the central system, the local telephone operator to manage . In fact, a 24-hour telephone receptionist for a company to provide the lowest cost .

Tree View IVR Structure Dialogic

Why IVR ?

Although such facilities can be hired for an operator, but the operator may be tired of answering wrong, or is absent at certain hours. But you can be sure that such problems will not occur in the IVR Service

Kavosh Gooya Software :

Kavosh Madar has developed Kavosh Gooya IVR Software in three versions:

- Standard version: with basic features and capabilities of a powerful IVR is a standard that only runs on a PC and is managed

- Enhanced Edition: Basic features the standard capabilities of a powerful IVR and multi-capable networks. This means that the software can be managed remotely through network

Version Pro2: Extra features and custom under which a multi-network. In addition, it has the possibility of connecting local telephone and PBX telephone connection is included in the software. As a result, each system is provided having a central telephone system tones (Tone) can be converted to an automated operator system

Tree View IVR Software Kavosh Gooya

IVR hardware :

Kavosh Madar Company focused on professional cards, IVR, to connect to your application uses. These cards are available with desired number of input line .

Kavosh Madar the IVR hardware circuit cards , including Dialogic Cards offers the best prices across the country .

- Dialogic D/120JCT - D120JCT
- Dialogic D/300JCT-1E1 - D300JCTE1120EW
- Dialogic D/600JCT-2E1 - D600JCT2E1120EW
- Dialogic Diva PRI/E1-30
- Dialogic Diva V-2PRI/E1-60 Media Board
- Dialogic Diva PRI/E1/T1-CTI PCIe

These cards have a one year warranty and after sales service .

IVR is installed in the passenger terminals :

One of IVR applications, is the passenger terminals. Information on terminal facilities, reservation time bus information, including local telephone connection terminals for IVR functions.

Kavosh Madar has focused in order to customize 'martyr Karandish Terminal Shiraz' , design and implementation are:

Tree View IVR Software Kavosh Gooya Telephone Gooya

Kavosh Madar Company
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