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Office Automation

Kavosh Integrated Secretary Software:

1 - software archive and Secretariat and warehouse control
2 - Office Automation application (Dashboards and administrative correspondence circulated)
3 - contacts and calendar and reminder do things
The Help (Installation, Operation, Training)

The main purpose of this software:

Easy to operate software
Secretariat in order to organize, archive and office correspondence
Saving time (fast searching and reporting)
Save money (saving paper and office space for archival paper)

Integrated Software Archive: Archive, secretariat and office automation

Strong and powerful software for archival work, secretariat and administrative correspondence at very reasonable prices. With contacts (phonebook) and calendar and task reminders (Reminder)

Kavosh Dabir Software include the following:

Creating and Defining Forms Archive and Secretariat:

Explore the most characteristics of automation software that distinguishes it from similar software is the possibility of defining and grouping them are forms for filing and Secretariat. This software package is displayed as a folder. For example, you can record information to the Secretariat folders, projects, personnel, customers, etc. are categorized. Each of these folders can also be included in the directory.

This enables the separation of archival records (such as first secretary, second secretary, archive projects, etc.) helps. Search and Reporting Categories with folders and set access levels can be done easily.

Archive of the Secretariat:

All matters related to the search Archives and indicators with scan and archive folders are created in the Attachments record.

Use tab and define the file format for a business letter.

Numbers, dates and optional fields Secretariat in a Word file.

And ...

Search and Reporting:

According to a separate archive folder, the secretary or the entire folder (Forms)

Three-level search

Search for all fields titles and phrases recorded for letters and documents

Report Builder: print the search results by selecting the output fields and their display size

Send reports to Excel

Reminders and Calendar work:

Register for a reminder or work for the day and time specified.

Office Phone Book:

Registration with the names and telephone numbers Information in different groupings.

Automation: Dashboards and administrative workflow letters

Archival documents and letters of reference sent to the User Dashboards

A new message alert and view the post

Posted in Letters to the Dashboards list with specifications and archived files

Letters to the initial and command and archives

Attachments can be added to indefinitely on users' Dashboards

Dashboards referral letter to other users on the network

Create a new mail and internal correspondence

Official correspondence to circulate a letter to Secretary inbox filing or filing and recording indicator

View all initialed by an official letter and circulate it

Dashboards Personal Archive

Uses :

For example, the software can be used for the following jobs:

Agencies and organizations: the Secretariat and archival documents, letters and correspondence, office automation, archiving and filing of Personnel, phone records and calendar and reminder do things ...

Companies and factories: the Secretariat and archive files, Automation letters, administrative workflow letters, referral letters, and send files, tasks, archives and archival documents relating to tenders, contracts, projects, customer registration, contacts and calendar and reminder do things

Schools, institutes and university archives and records of student records, students, teachers and ...

Housing and Property Transactions: Property and Real Estate software archives and records and reports and statistics and searching for needed housing for rent, sale, and ...

Stores: Archives and archiving customers, entities and files, contacts, and ....

Doctor and dentist Archive: The Archive and archive patient data and related files, archival research, and recorded in the phone book and calendar reminders to do things

Archives Office of Advocacy: Archives and archiving of client information, appointment reminders and ...

Personal Use: Sorting and organizing files, archives and personal papers, records of contacts and calendar reminders to do things

And ...

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