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GPS Tracking

GPS satellite tracking devices are able to receive the signals sent by GPS satellites to. These signals contain information like latitude and longitude location, date, time, speed and altitude is

Tracker device submitting this information you will be able to comfort your exact position on the map panel detector device and see if it is moving, it quickly become aware of

GSM systems are also equipped with tracking devices that can send and receive data in the context of telecommunication devices (from mobile phone sim) tracking device on a proprietary panel provides. In memory of the detector device, the user will be able to run along the line on the map to the desired interval. The user can customize the settings on the detector device, to receive information via SMS message

For example, a user with the permitted speed on a tracking device in case of exceeding the speed limit, the speed limit will receive a SMS regarding non-compliance. Also, you can simply do your tracking device settings, device and give instructions to get the information that you want

Who needs to have tracking devices?

Due to the variety of capabilities and vehicle tracking devices, many organizations and institutions can make use of these device

  • Monitoring and tracking personal vehicles, public administration, transportation, transit
  • Monitoring and fleet management, outreach, public and private transportation
  • Urban and intercity bus and taxi fleet applications
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